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Osborne 1 - The Last HOPE 2008

by billdeg
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I took an Osborne 1b ROM rev 1.4 to the 2600 magazine "The Last HOPE" convention on July 19th, as part of a vintage computer demo. I originally planned to exhibit an "original" version of the Osborne 1 (with the tan chassis, also model rev v. 1.4), but that one had a bad A drive. "Insert Disk in drive A and press RETURN" is as far as I could get. Prior to the event I did attempt to replace the drive. First I had to see what was going on inside of the machine. It takes about 10 minutes to completely disassemble an Osborne 1, if you have a longish phillips-head screwdriver. There are only three types of screws and clearly this machine was made for field repairs. Anyway.. once I got the system completely apart so that I could get to the disk drives I learned that the drive get">... [ read more ]

The Revolutionary Osborne 1

by billdeg
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Updated: [ More photos ] 07/20/2008
Osborne published a magazine dedicated to owners of it's new Osborne 1 portable computer. The premier issue of June/July 1982 contained on its cover 9 well-armed Afghani soldiers and one "IT guy", apparently manning their new Osborne portable. What better computer for the mobile freedom fighter than the Osborne 1 - rugged, dependable, and sturdy. Just like the Mujadeen solders that used it. The Revolutionary Osborne 1 "..Journalist David Kline recently covered the Afghanistan conflict for The Chicago Sun-Times using his Osborne 1. The July issue of Kilobaud Microcomputing contains the full story of how Kline managed to file his stories faster using his Osborne 1 and modem. Kline will be reporting on his travel experiences with the Osborne in future issues of The Portable Companion... [ read more ]

Summary of CBM PET 2001 Systems on hand

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Update ] 07/15/2008
PET 2001-8 works. tape desk works but could use maint. keybd keys work. PET 2001-16N works. new keybd. PET 2001 32B bad 4279 chip, monitor picture shrinks after 10 minutes use - when I received system the suction cup had become dislodged from picture tube. Replaced power supply. 1 and Z key does not work.">... [ read more ]

PDP 11/40 Program on YouTube

by billdeg
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Updated: [ PDP11/40 test code ] 07/13/2008
Today when I got home from work I sat down at the PDP 11/40 (in the guest room). Here is what I came up with: http://www.yout...och69Nm2F0 Basically I loaded two programs into memory using the toggle switches. I pre-loaded the following programs into memory, the video shows me running them. One is a counter from address 001000 data 005000 005200 000005 000775 by adding a command it becomes chase the lights from address 002000 data 005000 005200 006100 * 000005 000775 * = added this command The rest of the data in this section of memory is 777777 and 000000">... [ read more ]

Sage II 68000 Computer

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Sage II 68000 Computer ] 07/10/2008
Pictures of Sage II. Serial number is 68615">... [ read more ]

Altair 8800bt notes

by billdeg
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Updated: [ MITS 88-TPM Users Guide ] 06/28/2008
Original date: 1-1-05 Pictures: http:...S/8800b-t/ Purchased from a seller in Florida Altair 8800b turnkey notes. 1-1-2005 Overall condition - excellent, no dust or crud internally. - cards and cables appear in excellent shape. - did not attempt to remove cards ">... [ read more ]

NEC PC-6001A

by billdeg
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On the eve of the launch of the IBM Personal Computer in 1981, NEC also began selling computers in the USA market. The PC-6001A is the first of the NEC computer models. As part of my research into Japanese computer companies of the early 80's, the NEC PC-6001A is of special interest to me. This system was a Z80 color computer, similar to the Tandy CoCo. Pictures
Orange Keys!">... [ read more ]

Another IBM 5150 rev "A"

by billdeg
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I received another IBM Personal Computer model 5150 16K/64K motherboard with the black power supply. The system came with a Plus Hardcard 20, an extra 64K card (combined with the motherboard RAM = 128K system), dual IBM 36 drives with stock controller, and the IBM monochrome monitor card. Initial boot: 9010 201 + (...I then pressed F2 to clear the error, followed by...) PARITY CHECK 2 error I removed the Plus Hardcard 20 and rebooted. This time I only got the PARITY CHECK 2 error message. I checked the jumper settings and re-seated the RAM. System booted perfectly, both drives work. The serial number is 0239462 and the ROM is dated 10/27/82, one year newer than the MARCH IBM PC 5150 previously restored and discussed in this blog. I then tried the PLus Hardcard 20 again. I am not sure if I need the driver or special boot disk, but I get a 1701 error">... [ read more ]

need system disk for Sony wp OA-S3300

by Leslie Aguillard
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I have a vintage Sony wp and lost the system disk for drive 1. Without it, the wp won't work. Surely, someone has a back up for this wonderful system. contact">... [ read more ]

updated my Computer Parts list

by ragooman
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I updated my parts list online. Slowly but surely, I'll have what's in the parts bins from my workbench online. =Dan">... [ read more ]

IBM 5150 Restoration Project

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Install monocrhome cd and 64K card ] 06/02/2008
This thread pertains to the restoration of IBM PC 5150 sn 0192592. This is a model "A" and an early one at that. Note the pictures of the serial number sticker compared with "newer" model A's. Note to self for parity messages / switch settings info: http://www.vint...hread.php?p=62972 href="ibm/5150/5150_A/">Pictures of IBM PC Model 5150 "A" 16-64K Motherboard Quick summary - I was able to get the system to boot with 32K RAM. I have identified that bank 3 (and/or 4) has a bad chip in it, need to replace. More details to follow...">... [ read more ]

updated Electronics Parts Supplier List

by ragooman
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I updated my Electronics Parts Supplier List on my website If anyone is looking where to find parts, you can take a look here too http://www2.applega...-electronics-parts.html">... [ read more ]

Smith Hall Display on the Apple Computer

by billdeg
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".. On behalf of my Computing Museum Curator colleagues (Lori Pollock, Chandra Reedy), I invite you all to peruse the latest Smith Hall lobby display dedicated to the Apple Computer. The display was sponsored by an Arts & Sciences College Transformation Grant, and is the result of independent study efforts by two undergraduates: Zelphi (Sola) Johnson, a CIS senior who will be joining our dept in the fall as a PhD student, and Katherine Chiumento, a senior Art Conservation major. Bill Degnan, who teaches CISC367: History and Preservation of Microcomputing for the Department, helped acquire most of the components in the display as well as provide invaluable technical expertise on their history. Enjoy! Paul .."">... [ read more ]

Tarbell Controller 8080 System CP/M 2.2

by billdeg
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Updated: [ Another 1101D to compare with... ] 04/27/2008
I found in my stuff a Tarbell disk controller and docs that refers to CP/M 1.4, with directions for installation and testing on an Altair or IMSAI with 8080. Interestingly I also found a few CP/M 2.2 disks labeled "Tarbell". Hmm.. Then I found this Before this video I did not know that there was a 2.2 version of CP/M for the 8080 computer. For some reason I thought few people if any used anything other than a z-80 processor system to run CP/M 2.x - I thought that CP/M 2.2 would only work on the z-80. I guess I was wrong! I have either of these two versions of CP/M 2.2 on disk, not sure which yet: 14 16 00 00 06 97 9603CPM.COM Tarbell CP/M 2.2 14 16 00 00 06 98 9605CPM.COM Tarbell CP/M 2.2 (from ..http://www.retrotechno...dri/cpm_serial.html) I wonder if these are simply the 8080 and Z80 versions? At some">... [ read more ]

Trenton Computer Festival 2008

by billdeg
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Here are some pictures from Saturday at the Trenton Computer Festival, 2008. The featured display of the Mid Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists' (MARCH) exhibit was it's Digital (DEC) PDP/8 - an original "straight 8" serial number 1158. The machine, according to David Gesswein, is restorable. Donated by Claude Kagan Also part of the PDP 8 system is a plotter (name?) and an ASR 33 teletype. Also displayed was an IMSAI 8080, Atari 800xl, Atari 2600, Apple //e, Commodore PET 2001-8, Intel MCBS-10 control module, Amiga 500, and Amiga 3000. Pictures from TCF 2008">... [ read more ]
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