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Super OLD SCHOOL Command Prompt

If you are not getting a response from the command line, use your Tab key to reset the screen.
Firefox Users: The DOS prompt may not be compatible with non IE browsers.


V I N T A G E C O M P U T E R . N E T

Yes, when I first launched this site I played around with writing a MS DOS emulator navigation system as the web site interface. It did not last too long, but it's still available if you want to try it to use to navigate this web site.

 You can run .bat "batch files" listed in the directory output.
(Some disallowed commands have special error messages. If the command is unrecognized, you will get a "Bad command or file name" error.)
Is this a "C prompt" from my harddrive?
 No, just a web page using style sheets and forms. Enter any command you want, it will not cause harm to this server or your computer. The command prompt is a simulator only. When you enter a command the progam displays the last command response only.
Why are you doing this?
 Because all existing vintage computer web sites are the same. I am using "MS DOS" as the navigation scheme. If you know how to use MS DOS, then you can navigate this web site.
Are there hidden commands not included in the command library above?
 Yes, but you have to guess.
I hate MS DOS, why can't you do BASIC or CP/M instead?
 I will add a BASIC style navigation option asap.
What's next?
Adding content, finish emulator commands, create directory structure of what's to come.
How do I contact the web master?
 Submit your inquiry here