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Name Size
8in drives.JPG 251,558 KB
CIT 220plus.JPG 165,957 KB
DEC 3000s.JPG 290,743 KB
DEC DecServer 500.JPG 399,441 KB
DEC Storageworks unit1.JPG 211,761 KB
DEC Storageworks unit2.JPG 200,892 KB
DEC VAX 3800.JPG 224,468 KB
DEC VAX 3800 2 cabling.JPG 437,886 KB
DEC VAX 3800 2nd.JPG 284,620 KB
DEC VAX 4000-300.JPG 210,578 KB
DEC VAX 4000-700.JPG 281,474 KB
FaceOff Display.JPG 208,366 KB
HP Netserver 4d-66M front-top. 276,760 KB
HP Netserver 4d-66M rear-top.J 314,430 KB
IMSAI 8080.JPG 222,971 KB
OpenVMS software.JPG 247,702 KB
Polymorphic 8813 disk.JPG 279,106 KB
Polymorphic 8813 system.JPG
PT Sol-20.JPG 405,965 KB
Soroc IQ-120 front.jpg
Soroc IQ-120 ports.jpg 330,213 KB
Soroc IQ-120 rear.jpg 205,296 KB
Soroc IQ-120 screen.jpg
Various Hardware.JPG 252,267 KB
VAX-Alpha DLT-units.JPG 224,566 KB
VAX-Alpha storage.JPG 256,013 KB
VAX Workstations2.JPG 203,253 KB
VAX Worstations1.JPG 212,974 KB


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