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setting reply-to VMS Mail with MULTINET


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  setting reply-to VMS Mail with MULTINET by Bill Degnan - 06/04/2019 09:04
Introduction to VAX/VMS Manual Cover
Cover of the Introduction to VAX/VMS Manual 1987

Peter Coughlin writes:

"... Specifying the REPLY_TO Header

The MULTINET_SMTP_REPLY_TO logical name lets you specify the value for the
RFC822 REPLY-TO: header. For example to set your Reply-To: header to
FNORD@FLOWERS.COM, use the command:


This logical name only affects mail agents that use the SMTP% interface (for
example OpenVMS and DECWindows mail).


In case it is not clear, you should define this logical name in DCL before you
run VMS MAIL and it will then apply when you send mail to an address prefixed
by SMTP%.

I will add that you could probably use DEFINE /SYSTEM if you want this to
apply to all users on the system or you could put the command in a users if you only want it to apply to that particular user. If you
want to get really fancy, you can use lexical functions such as for example
F$GETJPI(0, "USERNAME") to come up with a single logical name definition that
will work correctly for any user on the system without modification.




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