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~1960 Burroughs Logic Module 72477T


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  ~1960 Burroughs Logic Module 72477T by Bill Degnan - 02/18/2019 00:08
~1960 Burroughs Logic Module 72477T Click image for larger view.

Rear view, same. Click image for larger view.

The Computer History Museum has a similar item, their description reads:
"Each module holds eight components: 2 resistors and 6 diodes, mounted on a phenolic frame with two separate common contacts + eight individual contacts."

Looking through Burroughs computer and peripheral manuals I have for early 1960's hardware, I cannot say for sure which system the 72477T came from because there are no photos or diagrams to compare with directly. From the web it appears that the general consensus is that these are B5000-era modules, which would place them in the 1960-1964 timeframe. I have not been able to fact check WWW hearsay however. Logic/plug modules from the later 60's were much more dense and integrated and late 1950's logic modules (i.e B3000) would have had tubes. So it is very possible that indeed this is a logic module from a Burroughs B5000 or B5500

If anyone reading this post has specific useful knowledge of this module contact me and I will publish your comments.



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